Fall enamored or maintain adventures in stories wherever you management what happens! Decisions is unengaged to play, however you're ready to purchase game things with real cash.

Every week new stories area unit revealed here so you'll opt for a story and build your game a lot of. Decisions is from the team that has been transfer you narrative games for over a decade. 

Love stories and not possible crime stories Here is what you'll produce to fit your dreams! you will limit the power to create in-app purchases by making a PIN within the Settings menu from among the Google Play Store.

Here area unit current stories include!

THE FRESHMAN - Welcome to Hart Feld University! during this faculty drama, you’ll build new friends forever and notice true love romancing your schoolmates. can you date studious James, young woman Kaitlyn, football player Chris... or all 3 at once?

- Dress your character in fashion-forward outfits for events sort of a guild rush.

❖ THE CROWN & THE FLAME -  Has your kingdom and crown been captured by the enemy? Here comes the time for you to reclaim the crown and the kingdom using the magic! Assume the role of the hero during this interactive narrative journey.

- type alliances and relationships to make your army.
- Crush enemies in AN epic battle!

❖ good MATCH - register for the advanced matchmaking services of Greek deity Incorporated, and master the qualitative analysis game! produce your look, meet your good match, and fall enamored during this thrilling mystery story!

- playact as a bloke or a lady.

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❖ BLOODBOUND - you are applying for employment with sensible CEO rich person Adrian Raines. Urban fantasy meets romance during this attractive evil spirit thriller!

❖ high school STORY - it is your 1st day at a replacement high school! build friends, find love, and attend the Homecoming dance. experience your teenage years in your terribly own high school Story!

...PLUS a lot of new stories and chapters every WEEK!

■App details :

● Version : two.8.8
● Download : ten,000,000+
● Rate : 16+
● Offered by : Pixelberry 
● Released date : seventeen Aug 2016 
● Size : 83.20  MB
● Reviews : 1million 
● In-app purchases : affirmative
● Last update : seven Sept 2020

■ The good👍

● Customize your hair, outfits and character look.
● Fall enamored, solve crimes and start epic fantasy adventures
● Pick your story from our perpetually growing library with weekly chapter updates
● management what happens next in immersive visual stories!
● a lot of new stories and chapters every 

■ The bad👎

● It cannot be safe for youngsters as a result of its dreams are available in the sleep of youngsters and them Their sleep is probably going to be noncontiguous thus it should not be safe for the youngsters. 
● Plain and straightforward app
● This thus dearly-won
● It's obviously obvious 
● Progression problems

■ App permissions

● In-app purchase :
   •Google play asking service 
● Photos/media/Files :
   •Read the contents of your Mount Rushmore State card
● Wi-Fi affiliation data :
   •View local area network affiliation 
● Other :
   •Full network access 
   •Prevent phone sleeping 
   •control vibration 
   •use account on the device 

■ App review

● Awesome story line it looks like it's real.. Good efforts by the team and crew. It's sleek to handle with best graphics. The story is thus sensible that wanting forward to browse different stories in addition. this is impressive it might be epic if you'll opt for your path thus if you wished to be AN outlaw or a ranger or a farmer, etc..

You can produce and play your dreams as a personality through this processor! it might be epic. those fantasy stories provides the texture of looking at Hollywood movies ! Those grafts , the sub stories , the particularization within the stories; everything is nice.

The graphics area unit thus lovely and then careful .the endless potentialities from the choices you select simply leaves you jittery. you'll additionally get costumes for the characters within the stories you select here.

The best feature is that you just will opt for for yourself what vogue you wish for any character and provides it thereto character. concerning this app is that every one they did was improve by time and handily the simplest interactive recreation app of all the time with none discussion. It's extremely fun game.