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Whether you have failed to remember the finer details of your auto insurance or have lost track of your strategy, you can definitely check whether your vehicle is still covered or not. Your insurance provider can track your reinstatement date and other general data from your insurance company.

ரேணுகா மாமி நட்பு அழைப்பு குழு 09873319885 இல் சேரவும்
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The Internet has made some insurance transactions efficient and quick. Modern computerized insurance providers are at the forefront of providing better post-contract management. Read on to know how to check auto insurance status online.

Ways to Check Auto Insurance Status Online: There

are two scenarios – to actually check the insurance status of your vehicle or you need to know the accident history of the vehicle that caused the accident. We need to audit two situations. ரேணுகா மாமி நட்பு அழைப்பு குழு 09873319885 இல் சேரவும்

If you are involved in a tragic accident and you don't know the insurance details of the vehicle that caused the accident, you can find information about the accident vehicle's history, vehicle registration number and more. IIB maintains vehicle records digitally from April 1, 2010.

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Through this online interface, you can check vehicle insurance status in India. To check your auto or cycle insurance status online, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1:

Enter all the essential details like name, area of ​​accident (where known), date of accident, universal number. Email ID, Vehicle Registration Number and Location.

Step 2:

Login to the IIB online interface and enter all the required data in the mandatory fields.

Step 3:

are not able to get the insurance details with the vehicle registration number, you can check the details by motor number or case number of the vehicle.

Search Guidelines:

While using the IIB web-based interface to check vehicle insurance status online, make sure you follow the rules below: பிரியா மாமி நட்பு குழுவிற்கு அழைப்பு 09873319885

  • Make sure you enter the vehicle registration number without special characters, e.g. KA01MC5656. Likewise, registration number is mandatory.

  • After fixing the specifications of the arrangement in the data repository, it will take two months for the data to be available on the IIB online interface. Thus, depending on the information, there is a possibility of not knowing the details of the vehicles.

  • Insurers collect only the vehicle's skeleton and motor number on other vehicles.

  • This information is based on the details submitted by the guarantor and is available for information from 1st April 2010

  • .

  • There is a hunting limit of 3 on a specific port number or email address is taken into account.

How to Check Car Insurance Status Online:

The auto insurance status checking cycle is straightforward and simple. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has designated Insurance Information Store, Insurance Information Bureau (IIB). IIB Engine is a web-based interface for working with vehicle insurance strategy data. Following are the steps to check auto insurance status online:


  • Step 1:

IIB's online interface.

  • Step 2:

Enter required details like name, email id or portable number, address, vehicle registration number, date of accident and security 'manual human check' code.

  • Step 3:

Submit the Snap-on.

  Step 4:

Vehicle's respective insurance policy details will appear; Be that as it may, assuming this is not accessible, the nuances of the previous approach appear.

  • Step 5:

If you are unable to recover any data through the above strategy, you can check the motor and case number of the vehicle.

Points to note:

  1. Auto insurance policy details in IIB will be available for insurance approaches from April 1, 2010. If you cannot follow the insurance details, you

  2. should go to different insurance approaches which will not appear in the data set of IIB.

  3. For new vehicles, insurance suppliers collect only the motor and frame number of the vehicle.


If you don't want to check auto insurance status online, you can check the concerned RTO and get the information. They really want to give data. If your vehicle is damaged and you want to file a claim for financial loss, at that time:

  • Call your insurance company

If you have an accident, the strategy, then, you should check with the individual RTO for more details.

How to Check Bike Insurance Status Online:

With the advent of internet the strategy of checking bike insurance status has become very simple and effective. You can check your cycle insurance status online through the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) launched by IRDAI. Following is the cycle to check online status by disconnection:


  • Step 1: Go to IIB Online interface.

  • Step 2: Enter details in required fields including name, email id or portable number, address, vehicle registration number and date of accident.

  • Step 3: Enter the security code and submit the snap-on.

  • Step 4: Bike insurance plan details will appear; However, if this does not happen, the nuances of the previous arrangement will be visible.

  • Step 5: If you can't see any subtleties with the above strategy, you can see by case number of motor and rotation.


  • Assuming you want to check the status with your bike insurance policy, you can:

  • Call your insurance company and they will want to give you the details of your bicycle insurance policy.

  • Assuming you need to check the status of your vehicle involved in an accident:

  • You will need to visit the individual RTO to get more data.

Another way to check your auto insurance status through Vaughan e-Services: If

Insurance Information Bureau of India site (iib.gov.in) is not working then you can use the following alternative method Vehicle and Cycle Insurance Status Expiry Date:

  • Step 1 : Official Vaughan e-Services Go to the site and click on “Know Your Vehicle Details” from the top menu.

  • Step 2: Enter the vehicle registration (number plate details) and the required 'Verification Code'.

  • Step 3: Click on 'Search Vehicle'.

  • Step 4: You want to check the insurance expiry date of the vehicle along with various details of the vehicle.

What is vehicle registration number?

A registration number plate is affixed to the front and rear of the vehicle or cycle.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the registration number must be in the current Hindu-Arabic numerals and Latin alphabet. Also, the number plate should be lit at night, legible and conform to text style law.

A vehicle registration number is unique to each state and territory in which it is registered. The following association (KA 01 AA 4567) is for Vehicle Registration Number registered in Karnataka:

  • TN or KA or DL ​​- Indicates State.

  • 01 - RTO where the vehicle is registered.

  • AA - Issued when there is no number to issue and make it exceptional.

  • 4567 - Your vehicle's unique registration number.

Driving your vehicle or cycle without a registration number will attract a penalty under Section 177 of the MV Act followed by Rule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules. After being listed and following the appropriate procedure to register your vehicle, you are fit to drive or operate a vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Registration Number: Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Registration Number

Vehicle Registration Number

How to buy auto insurance using

While buying auto insurance plan online, you need to provide your vehicle or cycle registration number. The insurance policy will have a registration number so that it can be distinguished from the plan and obtained by central and state governments and RTOs.

What is Insurance Information Bureau or IIB?

An online interface called Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) was developed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) in 2009 to store data related to auto insurance. IIB is an information store that collects insurance related data provided to the insurance industry in India.

The basic reason behind setting up this commission is to provide details like accident records and check the status of vehicle or cycle insurance plan.

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